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Cablevision Values Your Optimum Career

At Cablevision, we maintain a true culture of family and teamwork based on mutual respect. We foster an environment of camaraderie, equality, cooperation, dedication, and recognition. We believe in the importance of supporting our employees by providing excellent career-development opportunities, tuition assistance, valuable training, and maintaining an open door policy.

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We value a fair, courteous, and straightforward approach. The poster below summarizes our values and what you will have a right to expect from us and in return, what will be expected from you. These posters are displayed in all of our locations throughout the company as we strive to live these values every day.


You have a right to expect:

  1. Fair and respectful treatment
  2. Ready access to management regarding your concerns
  3. A safe and clean working environment
  4. A clear statement of Company rules, regulations and expectations
  5. An opportunity for training and development
  6. Salary and benefits that are fair and competitive
  7. The tools and equipment for the proper performance of your job
  8. The freedom to express your views without fear of reprisal
  9. Fair procedures for promotional opportunities
  10. Career growth and opportunities in a growth environment

Cablevision expects:

  1. A commitment to provide outstanding service to our customers
  2. Cooperative and respectful working relationships
  3. Adherence to Company rules and regulations
  4. A loyal and dedicated commitment to moving the Company forward
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