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Dear Public Access User:

Thank you for your interest in Cablevision's Training Workshop.

The course will be held once a week and will run for five weeks. The sessions will meet on various days at various times. The class is free. Hands-on experience with Cablevision equipment will be stressed.

If you are interested in joining the course, please fill out the enclosed registration form and return it to Cablevision. When your application is received, your name will be placed on a first-come, first-served waiting list, and you will be notified when your name nears the top of the list to attend the next workshop session.

Please send your completed application to the attention of your Cablevision Public Access Coordinator at the administrative location for your system.

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Cablevision of:
Name of Applicant:
Street Address:
City, State, Zip:
Telephone # (Home):
Telephone # (Work):
Program Name:
Organization Name:
Main area of interest:
i.e., Writing, Director,
Camera, Lights, Editing

Please fill out the above form, then click below to print it.
Mail or fax it to your regional access programming office.