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Optimum Channel, available to customers on channel 14, delivers informative, entertaining, and original shows that highlight Optimum products and services. Whether customers want information on Multi-Room DVR, Optimum WiFi, or to see what's premiering On Demand, Optimum Channel has that information and more. Viewers can also access Optimum Channel programming online at

Optimum Channel programming is available on channel 14 between 9:00 am to midnight and includes:

Optimum Channel All Access
All Access
An exclusive guide to the newest movies offered On Demand. From Hollywood hits to indie discoveries, "All Access" will point customers to all the best movies.

Optimum Channel What's On
What's On
Optimum customers can find out what's on TV each month and when, and see highlights of some of the hundreds of programs available on Optimum TV.

Optimum Channel Set-Up Showdown
Set-Up Showdown
It's family versus family as Optimum customers face off in a series of fun, fast-paced challenges about setting up their Optimum services.

Optimum Channel Did You Know
Did You Know
Provides answers to commonly asked questions as well as ways to get the most out of Optimum services.

Optimum Channel Plugged-In
Offers a look at some of the latest technology and services from Optimum and goes behind the scenes to share the innovations that make Optimum so unique.

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